Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hot Tibetian Love

In India proper, the internet cafes are filled with indian guys, either:

a) Looking at porn


b) Surfing the online chat rooms, looking for women.

In Dharamsala, the internet cafes are filled with tibetian guys, either:

a) Browsing various social-networking sites (to find girls), like myspace, h5 (very very popular here).


b) Talking to girls in internet chatrooms.

This just proves, I suppose, that boys will be boys.. no matter where they're from.
If the cafes here provided any kind of privacy, I'm sure the tibetian lads would be looking at porn too.

The funny thing is, while the indian guys will go to a chatroom dedicated to city they're in (i.e. Chennai dating, Bangalore girls, Bombay hookups, etc), these poor
tibetian lads seem to go to Yahoo Budhism related chatrooms, before one-by-one, contacting every female sounding name in the room and asking her if she wants to chat.

Thus, confused american girls who are trying to talk about discovering thir energy source and turning on their chakras are being pestered by horny tibetian boys who have already discovered their energy source, and are quite eager to put it to use ;)


sumer said...

So true dude so true........

sumer said...

So true Dude So True....