Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Blog Has Moved!

I'm happy to announce that my blog has moved to CNET, where I've joined their Blog Network.

Due to the terms of my contract, I've had to change the name of my blog (so that they can own the new name) - and so the new blog is named Surveillance State. The new blog is located at:

For the most part, the blog will remain the same - still a focus on security and privacy, with a bit of amateur legal analysis thrown in for fun - although expect slightly more frequent posting (3x per week or so).

I've already posted a couple articles this week - while we were still getting all the kinks worked out of the system: An analysis of Comcast's BitTorrent filtering (and the laws they may be breaking in doing so), and today a post on Apple's iPod Touch (and the fact Steve Jobs won't be able to blame AT&T for keeping the platform closed).

I hope you'll all follow me over to CNET.


Jordan said...

I'd love to, in fact, I've been reading you over there, but I can't comment.

Just tried to comment on your "ad blocking is theft" post, but despite trying firefox on mac, IE on windows, I couldn't get the comment to go through. Strangely, preview worked in IE on windows, but every time I tried to actually post, I got redirected to

Anonymous said...

"dubfire" caught my eye, does it have a special meaning?