Wednesday, October 12, 2005

About bloody time

Finally, some process.

The root canal is done with. The temporary cap is being put on tonight, which means I can finally leave Chennai. Yay.

The bad news, is that the monsoon season has arrived.

Yesterday, it rained pretty much all day long. When I had to go and get lunch and dinner, I had to walk through about a foot of brown dirty water in the street. Not pleasant.

Plus, all the laundry that i've sent out to get washed has yet to come back (due to rain), and I made the mistake of sending my towel away, meaning I can't dry myself after a shower. Lovely.

I'm told that the entire state of Tamil Nadu is going to be wet for the next few months, and so i've decided to head west. I'm going to go to Pondicherry, I think, tomorrow for a few days, as I have to be back here on the 18th for the permanant cap on my tooth.

In any case. on the 20th, i'm off. I've reserved a train ticket for the 20th. I'll be off to Cochin on the west coast, where (inshalla), it should be dry, and warm.

Since i've had all this downtime, I managed to arrange for a job interview by phone (or actually, by internet phone) yesterday. It went very well, and is for a security firm in the DC/Northern VA area (USA). They want to do 3 more interviews this week, so they seem to be interested, at least.

Off to get some more mango ice-cream.

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