Monday, October 24, 2005

Improved Plan, and Food Pricing Revealed

Problem. Fireworks work best at night.

Children do not wander the streets, alone, at night. Well, they do, but not too many, at least not here in Munnar, up in the hills.

Plus, I was starting to feel a bit of nagging guilt about the possibility of maiming a child for life.

A much better solution hit me: Drunken rickshaw drivers. These guys hang out on the steets, waiting for customers all night long. There are usually large groups of them, and lets face it, if you're bored all day, fireworks are going to improve your life, assuming you keep your kinds.

So, I walked up to a few, took out my fireworks, and asked if we could use them here... their eyes lit up, and soon enough, so did the fireworks. I rationed them out, one at a time. 10 bottle rockets, and about 60 fire-crackers... Much fun, mostly watching the drunken guys nearly get blown up... Once i saw how short, and unreliable the fuses were, I was oh so glad I didn't decide to light any myself.

Much fun was had.

Have finally figured out the food pricing here. It goes as follows: You buy your bread, and whatever veggies you want, come free. Thus, I'll buy two whole-wheat chapati for 10 rupees, and then get an unless supply of spicy potatos, chick peas (channa), and various sauces... at some point, i'll want something to scoop them up with, and order more bread.

It works out well, and when i'm feeling cheap, I can do a whole meal with one piece of bread.

I'm going to try and wake up early tomorrow, and explore the tea plantations. We'll see if it happens.

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