Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chello Pakistan

Finding the Pakistani Consulate in Mumbai is not an easy task.

Asking an Indian where the Pakistani Consulate is located, is something akin to asking a red blooded American where the Russian Embassy is, during the red scare.

The standard answer is either "Why would I know?", or a laugh...

It doesn't help that one of the standard insults (at least amongst poor-hindi-speaking travllers) is: "Chello Pakistan", or, "go to pakistan".

Eventually, I found out (by asking at the British Consulate) that there is no Pakistani consulate here in Mumbai. I also found out that Iranian visas take 2-4 weeks, which I'm not so willing to wait.. so perhaps that plan will have to wait till later.

Plus, if I go to Iran, I'm going to want to go to Turkey and Armenia next door.... and then if i'm in Turkey, I might as well go west and visit my family in Western Europe... see how it works? Better to stick to the asia travel thing, and ignore Asia Minor, for now.

Oh. My 4 months travelling without food poisoning is now properly over. I thought I had gotten a 24 hour bug the day before xmas eve, but it appears that it's come back. Oh well. It was a good run while it lasted.

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