Friday, December 30, 2005

Monetary Museum/Lockpicks

It took me about an hour to find the Monetary Museum.. I stopped every 2-3 minutes to ask directions (no one knew the name, but they knew the street). Everyone assured me that it was very close, maybe 5-7 minutes away. Hah

In the end, the review in Time Out Mumbai was spot on: A great museum, yet completely empty. There were maybe 3 other people in there with me. Quite a shame, really.

With my daily quota of education met, I decided to go on a shopping mission: Where to buy lockpicks in Mumbai.

A bookseller wrote down the address of a street full of lock-smiths, and so I took a taxi there. Wow..... An amazing part of town, with small alleys dedicated to seemingly obscure items... An entire street dedicated to the sale of ball bearings.

It was a blast to walk through all the back lanes, enjoying the strange looks from Indians (who I doubt were used to seeing foreigners in these parts of town). Alas, after two hours, I gave up the search. Explaining the concept of a lock pick is a difficult thing - when the simpler solution in India is to break the lock, and buy a new one.....

Only one man claimed to be able to procure a set - but he said they were only made in England, would be shipped in from the UAE, and would set me back about 200 USD. No way I said.

I wanted the lockpick set, so I'd have something to play with on the long plane/train/bus rides.... but it seems if I really want one, i'll have to get it sent from the US.

Leaving Mumbai this evening. One day, i'll come back, as this really is a great place.

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