Friday, December 08, 2006

Not (yet) on the no-fly list

I was rather worried after receiving that nasty letter that TSA would put me on the no-fly list. Well, after a long 24 hour journey, I'm now in Spain - and can happily confirm that I was able to pass through the airports without any problems.

I'll be here for a week or so, and then will be off to Morocco for 3 weeks of R&R. I highly doubt if I'll be blogging much during this next month - not at the advice of lawyers, but just simply because I'd rather not be using a computer during my holidays.

I'll update the blog once I get back, and have some TSA news to share.

Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

After all that TSA scrutiny, I think I'd need a trip on the Marrakech express too. Pity we haven't the freedom to enjoy that at home either! Any chance of developing an online herbal generator??

Anonymous said...

Good luck making it back. You'll certainly be on the no-fly list after they find out you've left the country :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you made the NY Times:

Keep up the good work!