Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Watch This Space/A Free room in Ottawa?

Expect a few interesting things to his this blog soon.

I have a fairly big, and pretty exciting security announcement that I'll be making on May 30th. Check back here next week for that.

I also have recently gotten the results back for a FOIA query regarding the US government's involvement in the takedown of The Pirate Bay a while back. As soon as those are scanned, they'll be put online.

I have another exciting project, which is still hung up with the lawyers (both Indiana University, and my own outside counsel). As soon as I can be sure that I won't get sued/go to jail, it'll go online too.

In other news -

I've been lucky enough to get a travel grant to go to the PET workshop. The grant is paying for my obscenely expensive airplane ticket, but will not be covering the cost of staying in Ottawa for 5 days.

Thus, I'm looking for a way to stay in Ottawa on the cheap. If anyone is planning on going to the PET workshop, and has a room (or even a hotel room floor) free, please let me know. I'm also open to the option of splitting a room, although, obviously a free room is better ;)

If you live in Ottawa, and would be willing to put me up, that'd be great too.

More news next week!


-Pat said...

A couch has been offered. Check for email from patrickyeon...

Anonymous said...

check out www.couchsurfing.com