Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Guess the party: Why privacy is different

By and large, the US political parties have fairly predictable positions on most issues. The GOP is pro life, pro torture, and pro gun. The Democrats are pro choice, mostly anti-torture, and usually anti-gun.

However, privacy is one of those rare issues for which the parties don't seem to have official positions. As a result, you get extremely interesting statements from various members of Congress.

Case in point, consider the following three short video clips from the June 18th hearing on behavioral advertising in the House Energy And Commerce Committee. Watch the clips, and see if you can guess the parties of the the three House members. I suspect that many of you will be quite surprised.

Click here for a video of Rep. Stearns' full opening remarks.

Click here for a video of Rep. Boucher's full opening remarks.

Click here for a video of Rep. Barton's full opening remarks.

(Thanks to Dan Jones from the Berkman Center for helping me to turn the House video feed into something YouTube friendly.)

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