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Monday, February 26, 2007

My first FOIA request comes back empty

Late last year, liberal blogger Glenn Greenwald had reason to believe that someone from US customs and border patrol had looked up his border entry/exit records, and posted the information to the Internet. More on that can be viewed at Glenn's old blog site here.

Thus, I fired off a FOIA request to US customs and border patrol, now part of DHS, asking for any and all records and database searches done by an employee named 'Eric Wess' for data on Glenn Greenwald...

C&BP's FOIA office got back to me last week by telephone, and told me that they do not have now, or had in the past year (the scope of my request) any employee named 'Eric Wess' on their payroll. If I wanted to do a search for any agent who had done a search on Glenn, I'd need some kind of privacy act waiver....

Not the most fantastic result, but still, a useful FOIA writing experiene, and a chance to see the US government responding to them in a reasonable amount of time.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful Glenn.