Sunday, January 08, 2006


Arrived in Bhuj just fine.

So i'm now in the far NW of india. I'm about as west as you can get in India, I think... or technically, will be soon.

I need to wake up early tomorrow, and head to the police station in town to get a special permit to visit remote areas. I'll probably head for Mandavi after that, a town 60km away from here, where they still build wooden boats by hand, and supposedly have very nice quiet beaches.

The next day, i head to lakhpat, the most westerly/northern town in India, and close enough to Pakistan to see it in the distance. An australian guy I met a few days ago was there, and told me the views were mind blowing....

Bhuj seems nice enough. I've got a room with a TV again - i know, i know, i'm pampering myself, and so i'm hoping to be in my room early enough tonight to catch a film.

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