Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fresh from Than

Before coming on this trip, I had a few doubts. I was putting a lot on the line to come here. Potentially huge damage to my career (both academic and professional), I'd be completely out of the groove when I get back (having forgotten most of what was in my head after 2 years of grad school), and breaking up the best relationship I've ever had... and for what? The chance to trapse around the 3rd world, sit on the beach, and have people cook for me?

I can now confidently say that in spite of everything I put on the line to come here. I now know it was worth it. In fact, the last 24 hours were worth it alone.

I have just returned from Than, a town 60km away from here. It was an amazing place, and so bear in mind, as it'll take me longer than usual to describe it. However, it was easily the best place i've been to - ever.

I've just rushed back, including a 40km private rickshaw ride, so I could get back to civilization in time for my 9:30PM phone interview with Google.

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