Sunday, January 22, 2006

Off to Pushkar/ South Koreans

I've got a bus ticket booked for this evening. In theory, I have a sleeper ticket reserved and paid for. However, every other travel agent in town is claiming that the only busses to Pushkar are regular ones with seats (as opposed to a bed). I'm either very lucky, or have been swindled, in which case, i'll be spending a most unpleasant evening en route to Pushkar.

One thing worth mentioning, is the ethnic makeup of the tourists here.

It's a strange thing really. In different parts of the country, you seem to find pockets of people from one country. I suppose it's based on the compounding effect of word-of-mouth, and guidebooks - but certain places, like Hampi - were full to the brim with french rock climbers, or stoned israelis...

Udaipur seems to be dominated by South Koreans. I saw a group in Mt Abu before I came here, and now, there seem to be groups everywhere. All smoking cigarettes, dressed in the most touristy clothes possible (not indian touristy clothes, but the ones you buy at home, before your journey), drinking beer and speaking loudly in their own language....

I'm fully expecting Pushkar to be a little Tel Aviv (based on its reputation for drugs and hippies). It'll be interesting to see if it lives up to it.

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