Friday, October 27, 2006

Congressman calls for my arrest

As reported by Wired News and ABC News:

"The Bush Administration must immediately act to investigate, apprehend those responsible, shut down the website, and warn airlines and aviation security officials to be on the look-out for fraudsters or terrorists trying to use fake boarding passes in an attempt to cheat their way through security and onto a plane," Markey said in a statement. "There are enough loopholes at the backdoor of our passenger airplanes from not scanning cargo for bombs; we should not tolerate any new loopholes making it easier for terrorists to get into the front door of a plane."

In addition to calling for my arrest, the congressman may want to call for the arrest of Senator Schumer (D-NY). In April of this year, he posted rather detailed instructions for the exact same attack. See: here. Sure, he didn't produce a php script that'd do it for you, but he provided detailed enough instructions that a terrorist or evil-doer with basic computer skills could do it.

Perhaps he'll be my cell-mate.

In all seriousness, Indiana University's legal team have essentially said I'm on my own. Thus, if this issue becomes serious, and the feds knock at my door, any offers of pro-bono legal assistance would be much appreciated.

Also - just for the record: I have not flown, or even attempted to enter the airport with one of these fake boarding passes. I haven't even printed one out. All I have done is create a php script, which highlights a security hole made public by others before me.


Anonymous said...

sorry, exactly where is the linkage that Edward Markey (D-Mass.) called for your arrest? 27b-6 does not link to it either.

I'm not saying it isn't so, but anyone can create a blog that says anything. How much do I trust 27b-6?

Anonymous said...

good luck.

Anonymous said...

Why do I see little differences between what you did, ie show loop holes in security, and what his post on his website does, show loop holes in security. He even goes as far as to mention that only 3 ports are scanned 100% of the time, it would not take a rocket scientest to figure out the three ports.

He calls for a fix, but does not specified the steps, you called for a fix, and even gave them the steps to fix it.

Peter A. Stinson said...

You go. I blogged about you here. Carry on... and if you do get in legal trouble, post or let me know... Plenty of folk will help you out.

Keep on. Keep on.

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid.

Terrorists are so named because they attempt to force changes in others through fear.

That's what this is, and what any lawsuit would be: An attempt to get you, and everybody like you, to stop vocally pointing out how Worthless our security is and how little those in charge actually care.

They want you to be terrified.

So, don't be afraid.

Anonymous said...

How depressing - Markey's my representative. He's usually not so bad - as good as I expect to get elected to statewide public office, at least.

I sent him a rather scathing email, for what good it'll do. At least he'll know that one of his constituents thinks he's being an idiot.

Anonymous said...




how could you have forgotten?

Anonymous said...

I recently flew in and out of Chicago Midway 4 times, Las Vegas 4 times, O'hare 2 times, and Atlantic City 2 x's. Each time I had an expired drivers license and no one even blinked. It wasn't until my bank refused to give me cash back due to not having a vallid ID did I realize that my license had expired.

Also, I have traveled extensivly with my carry on bag, not even knowing that there was a four pack of batteries and my remote cord for my camera in the front pocket. The cord had been missing for at least a year. On my return flight from Vegas, the scanners puller me aside because it looked like I had a bomb in my bag (it really did) and I hadn't a clue what would be making that appearance.

On my last flight out of Midway-Chicago, TSA nearly started a riot as they opened new security line and allowed people who just came through to go to that screener as opposed to letting those of us standing there for 45 minutes go to the new line. I missed my flight by 5 minutes.

While in line, a TSA agent pointed out that I would have to drink or throw away the gatorade that I had in the side pocket of my backpack. As I approached the screening area, the agent screamed across the terminal that she was going to put me out of the airport if I did not follow her instructions. Obviously, this stopped all action as everyone stared at me. I told her that I had yet to reach a garbage can to throw it in, but if she would like, I would just leave it on the floor.

On my return from Sacramento recently, I went through a whole new machine that allegedly "smells you." it is a huge, most likly expensive contraption. My bag went through the regular screening while I went through the sci-fi machine. we both passed with flying colors.

in the side pocket of my backpack, in plain sight of everyone, I had unintentionally left a 1/2 drank water bottle. No one had even noticed it. This was during the liquid restriction.

the same restriction that caused one man to go through heck because he had nitroglycerin tablets in a sealed amber vial. Apparently, this was some sort of hazard. eventually they clued in that the poor guy would die if he didn't have them. yet, no one questioned my inhalers.

Think for a brief second what an inhaler could do.

we are constantly spinning our wheels as we reinvent the wheel over and over and over again. Instead we should just head over to Germany, get trainined in airport security. Then come back to the states, implement the German protocols, hire educated persons and demand they actually work, instead of chat.

When I have flown through Germany, I am always pulled aside and all my camera equipment is opened, dusted, and inspected. Each film vial is opened. every lens removed. it has never taken me more than 10 minutes for that entire process to occur (not including wait itmes).

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, the TSA is not there to provide security. They are there to provide the illusion of security, as well as to provide tens of thousands of easy gov't jobs with good benefits, and to help train the public to shut up and obey orders.

You revealed the "man behind the curtain" and that will get them angry.

Anonymous said...

Long live the masked superhero.

Ben Schleimer said...

The TSA should look to see how El Al does their security (actually the entire Israeli airline system) Before you're allowed to check in, you have to talk (yes, talk!) to a security offical about where you are from, where you are going and if you ever left the bags unattended. The answers are always No, no and no but what they are really looking for is how you answer, whether you're nervous or sweaty. Then when they are satisifed that you're not ready to kill yourself, they let you though. If you fail, then they give you the full anal inspection.

Obviously, they wand you and inspect your carry-ons at the security check as well but that is more routine. It's the first check which really matters...

Ben Schleimer said...

Oh and I hope that Chris is ok.

It would be extremely fucked up for the feds to arrest him over this.

I'll contribute to his legal fund if problems occur. :)

Anonymous said...

they should act fast to impeach the president - he's much more dangerous than this researcher

Anonymous said...

You've pointed out that The Emporer has no clothes and they don't like it! You're not even the first! This will all blow over...

Anonymous said...


I highly recommend that you appear in any campaign ad that you can for the opponents of the senator who was calling for your head. Do an ad for whoever runs against him in the primary, for the republicans, the greens, the libertarians, even the commies. Markey does not belong on the public payroll.

Anonymous said...

They won't take feedback from areas outside their district... but here's Ed Markey's press secretary's email address:

Anonymous said...


It appears that Markey is now on your side:

Anonymous said...

Gotta give Markey credit for correcting himself. That in and of itself is as rare as hens teeth in Washington these days