Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More reports from Paradise

Given how rarely I update this now, my writing style will have to change..... It's just not possible to write what I want, as I always forget it as it happens, and 5 days later, can't recall all the juicy details.

So, we'll have to make do with fragments.

I've now been at the beach for 2 weeks.

Bikers arrived on monday - well off foreigners who pay $1500 to do a 2 week motor bike tour of this part of India. They come here (different groups) every 2 weeks, like clockwork.. The good part is, they bring fireworks - approx 3000 rupees, or around 80 dollars... Wow. Such amazing pyrotechnics.

I can't wait for them to come back again.

Sunburnt my ass on Saturday. Ouch.

I've now settled on the idea of staying here for a few more weeks. The question is, when will I leave. Right now, the question is; will I stay for new years?

My plans change every time I think about them, and so, I've locked my loney planet away so that it doesn't tempt me.

People come and go on the beach. It's good for me though, as it forces you to be a social person - interact with others before they leave, etc...

As always, the dominant group is Israelis, but they're younger, and more foolish.. or at least younger.

There is a chap here, an American guy, who claims his mother is the Caroline of Radio Caroline (pirate radio days, off the coast of the UK). Interesting enough guy, with some funny stories.

Renewed my health insurance online. Someone in california seems to have stolen one of my credit card #'s, and charged $300 to it. Doh.

My reading list isn't moving very fast. For some reason, frisbee, chess, and conversation are just a lot more interesting.

Oh, and I tire of the food. If only I could get decent Indian food in Paradise.

I highly doubt if I'll be back for xmas, so.. enjoy yourselves..

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