Thursday, December 01, 2005

Paradise Beach

I don't really know how to go about describing my new home.

I'm staying on Paradise Beach, which is the most remote of the beaches near Gokarna.

The journey, was, awful - and long. I took a morning rickshaw 10km out of the city - was dropped off at the end of a dirt path - with full luggage, and told "walk that way". This turned out to be about 30 minutes, up-hill, in the heat... No the best weather for flip flops, a lungi (skirt), or a huge backpack.

However, I finally arrived - to paradise...

It's a small-ish beach. There are bamboo huts on the rocks on both sides of the sand - one of which, I'm renting for 40 rupees (90 US cents) per night. The beach is clothing optional - which was initially somewhat of a shock. Now, it's fine... and I save on laundry this way (which is a pain in the ass without running water).

I've spent my time hanging out, playing frisbee, reading, listening to music (and even practising a bit of the guitar)...

I met an Indian yogi who lives on the beach - and who has an amazing knowledge of Dub Reggae - who I might take a few sunset yoga classes from later.

In the evenings, most of the people on the beach (15-20) get together for a campfire - some singing, etc....

It doesn't get any more relaxing than this.

Civilization is a 30 minute walk away - over pretty steep rocks, and so this keeps the riff raff (the police, and most non rugged travellers) away....

I'm just checking in now - but highly doubt if I'll venture out of Paradise again for at least another week.

I also suspect that I'll spend at least 3-4 weeks here.. it's too nice not to, and so my plans might have to adjusted somewhat to compensate for this.

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