Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to Civilization, briefly

12 days on Havelock Island, Beach #7...

It really is the nicest beach I've ever been to.. simply beautiful.

However, there are a few other islands I can go visit, the Indians messed up my permit for the island (so i need to extend it), I need cash, and I really really wanted to see if I had any news on the job front (via email) - so.. when I woke up this morning with the urge to leave, I went with it.

It's late here, the internet cafe closes in 15 mins, so i'll describe the place later.

For now. Holi is tomorrow - a mega huge holiday in India, that as far as I can figure out, involves people throwing paint and water at me.

The plan right now is very very unsure. I'll wake up, go get my permit extended, and then probably head to the MG National Park for a day or two - and then potentially go camping on Long Island later.

There are supposed to be some breath-takingly amazing beaches up north..we'll see if I go up there, as you're not allowed to stay the night.

Still no job news.. so i'll probably have to wait till I get to thailand to figure out where in the world i'll be living/working this summer.

Off I go.

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