Friday, March 24, 2006

Uneventful trip

The trip from Diglipur back to Port Blair was rather uneventful - apart from the fact that the Mozzies decided to come out today.

I've been fine for the most part during my time here in the Andamans... on Havelock island one day, I was attacked by about 40 sandflies (or 1 sandfly 40 times), but I learnt my lesson after that - they itch for about 5-6 days after....

However, the mozzies came out in full force yesterday, and totally destroyed me. No amount of anti-itch cream did the trick, and my willpower to not scratch is fading by the minute.

With such a short amount of time here in the Andamans left, I think the best thing is just to go back to Havelock Island, and to beach number 7. The beach is top quality, beautiful, and from what I hear, absolutely empty of tourists.

While it'd be nice to explore somewhere new, for my last week, I want guaranteed quality...

I need to get some cash, do a quick bit of shopping, and then will catch the 1:30PM fast-boat to Havelock.


Recent rumors are starting to worry me. It seems that Air Deccan has a reputation for cancelling flights when they aren't full.... On top of that, if they cancel your flight, as a low cost carrier, they essentually tell you to go to hell.

And so - with my 4 flights on one day (Andaman -> Chennai -> Bombay -> Bangkok -> Chiang Mai), i'm quite vulnerable....

Fingers crossed.

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Anurag said...

Hi there:

I work with Air Deccan where I am responsible for Revenue Management. And I can tell you for sure that the rumour you heard is just that: a rumour. We (No airline) dont cancel flights like that.

Hope you have a great flight.