Friday, March 31, 2006

I made it!

I can't believe it... I actually made it here.

4 flights, 3 of which were on low cost airlines - and all of them were on time!

Everything worked out perfectly. I managed to briefly go into Chennai proper to buy books (dirt cheap university textbooks), lungis and medicines - and got one last thali before I had to say goodbye to Indian food.

In Bombay, I had the opportunity to eat bhelpori one more time(rice crispie salad), which the city is famous for....

I got exit rows on all my flights, slept non stop on the last I actually feel sorta well rested.

I need to figure out what the hell i'm going to do now....

It's friday, and there is no Lao consulate here in Chiang Mai - which means if I want a visa, I'll have to send my passport down to Bangkok (with an agency) where it'll take 3 working days to process. That means I won't get it back (due to the weekend) for about 7 days. I don't really want to be in chiang mai that long....

My priorities are as follows:

Go to a dentist. (I want to be 100% sure that everything is ok before I go back to the US, where things are ultra expensive).

Get a massage or 10.

Eat lots of pineapple and mango (which are both in season now. Woo!).

Upload photos.

Once I know what i'm doing, i'll post more.

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