Monday, November 28, 2005

Middle of Nowhere

No direct bus to Gokarna after 4pm from Hampi, so I find out.

Thus, I now find myself in Ankola (or something that sounds like that), waiting for another bus which will take me the final 22km south to Gokarna.

I should be on the road again in 20 mins - but this little stop has given me the chance to check my mail, and pick up some alcohol before I step into the holy city limits of Gokarna - where, no doubt, I'll be able to find black market booze at most unholy prices.

The bus journey here was quite fun - for the first time ever, my co-passengers respected my anti-social headphone wearing, and didn't continue to ask me questions when I had them on.. and so, I had a 3 hour bus trip with not a single conversation - a pleasant change...

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Anonymous said...

Does that bus have it's emissions sticker?