Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Back in Chennai

Within 10 minutes of driving past the city limits on the bus, it starts to Rain. Bloody Chennai.

I'm back in this god forsaken, fithly, and currently, partially flooded city.

I take care of the last dentist visit, which is rapid, happy, and pain-less (for once). With any luck, I'll never have to go back to that office ever again in my life. Not that it wasn't clean and pleasant.. i'd just rather not spend any more time in this crappy of cities.

It seems I made a mistake when booking my train ticket. I googled for my guest-house's name, instead of consulting my guide book. I also forgot one key thing in the process. Hotel here, doesn't mean hotel. It means a south indian restaurant that serves only vegetarian food.

Thus, instead of my train ticket being delivered by courier to the Paradise Guest House (my current place of residence), it's been delivered to the Paradise High Quality A/C Vegetarian Hotel. Bloody hell.

In the rain, I take a rickshaw over there, try to explain the situation to the restaurant manager. In theory, the couriers were supposed to only deliver the ticket if I was there, or if I had left something in writing to say I gave consent. They delivered it without either of these, to a bloody restaurant.

I pick it up. and head to the cinema to see a new Jet Li film.

Again, I hate Indians at the Cinema. They have absolutely no respect - talk on their cellphones, giggle, heckle at the film, and one annoying man started choosing ringtones for his phone during a key fight-scene.

Yet, with all of this going on, no one bats an eyelid.. However, the minute I pull out a bottle of whiskey in the dark, and start to take a few sips from it - both the guys next to me (on either side) and the guy behind me start to notice, and say stuff.

Clearly, can distrurb your fellow cinema goer with your cellphone, but you better not silently sneak in some

A day of relaxation tomorrow, and perhaps some more book buying, before heading off to Cohin on the 20th (night train).

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