Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Get to Negombo around 8-ish, find my hotel, get a room, and pretty much hit the sack straight away. The bathroom is full of mozzies, and so I spray a bit of deet on myself, and then dive under the mosquito net and go to bed.

Wake up and explore Negombo a bit.. it's so close to the airport, and probably the most tout-filled place in Sri Lanka. Taxi drivers constantly bug me - I get offered drugs for the first time in the country. Not nice.

I meet a couple of brits who've just come from India - I trade a book with them, and they end up giving me their 2003 Lonely Planet India (very abused), which is perfect. Steve, the man of the couple, was also really into reggae, so we spend a few hours talking about obscure jamaican artists. Quite fun.

I took out -just- enough money to cover my expenses in Colombo, ,as I didn't want to be stuck with Sri Lankan Rupees.. well, I sort of miscalculated and Negombo didn't have a bank. Luckily, I find a young chap who pays me 350 rupees for my phone SIM card (I'm not going to need a Sri Lankan phone number anymore). Giving me just enough money to cover my last meal - at an amazing italian place - pesto gnocci for 300 rupees.

I wake up at 4AM, and am in a tuk-tuk to the airport by 4:45... Get an exit row on the plane, and land in Chennai by 10ish.

Chennai is the only international airport I've ever been to in my life that doesn't have an ATM that accepts international cards. Luckily, I convert my last 50 SL rupees (50 cents) into 16 indian rupees, giving me enough for a crowded rush hour train ticket (6 rupees), and a 10 rupee per day left luggage fee at the train station.

I'm hanging out in the Egmore area now, using the internet, got some cash (accidently withdrew 340 USD... didn't realize the exchange rates. Not amazingly happy about having this amount of money.. but not sure what I can do with it now) - will get lunch, and find a hotel shortly.

Hope to have a new SIM card by this afternoon, giving me SMS abilities.

Still got a cold. Coughing everywhere. Ick.

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