Thursday, January 05, 2006


I've been here for 3 days now.

Diu is a pretty little town, and in some places, it really does feel like you're in a small town in Portugal, wandering amonst deserted winding streets.

The thing is, this is a tourist town. Mainly, Indians. On the weekends, the streets are reportedly packed with Indians eager to get as drunk as they possibly can. It's sort of an Indian equivilant of Amsterdam/Prague/Dublin for fly-in weekend British tourists.

I arrived here on the second, and so it was already calming down. However, the people I've met told me that the streets were absolutely jam packed with indians between xmas and new years.

Right now, i'm staying on the roof of a church in town - with an amazing view. Somehow, it feels a bit wrong to be drinking beer on the roof of a church, but, well, when in rome. I've spent 3 nights on the roof so far, but I don't think I can do it anymore. It's just too damn windy, and I woke up with the most god awful neck-ache this morning. To cut down on wind, I've resorted to sandwiching myself between two crappy matresses - and while this cuts down on wind, it doesn't make for the most comfy of sleeping arangements.

I've been hanging out here, because Diu is a big enough town (big enough to have an ATM machine, and good mobile phone service). Also, for India, it is pretty damn quiet (especially when sitting on the roof of the church), and so I've been trying to sort out my summer internship interviews.

Apple called last night, British Telecom is supposed to call today, and i'm hoping that Google will hurry up and call, so I can vamoose outta town...

The plan right now, is to head northwest, to the salt-plains of western Gujurat. It's supposed to be a magical sight, and it places you close enough to Pakistan to see it in the distance.

After that, i'll hightail it up to Rajhastan.

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