Saturday, January 14, 2006

A few things from Bhuj

There is just one internet cafe in town with broadband access. Alas, it's 2km from my hotel, and when it shuts (11PM), I never seen to be able to find an auto-rickshaw to take me home.

Luckily, this is Bhuj, where everyone is friendly. And so, the last couple of days, when i've left the cafe in darkness, I haven't had to walk more than 2-3 minutes down the road before someone offers me a ride on their motorbike - and then refuses payment once I get home. Amazing.

I went to a doctor in Diu - as I felt a cough coming along. I went to a government hospital, which was free (free doctor, free drugs) - but totally gross. Used needles on the floor, etc. I wasn't a happy camper there.

So, I went to a doc here 2 days ago - just to make sure that the drugs I had been administering (I wasn't going to trust the doctors in Diu) to myself were working. Wow. What a difference.

The doctor spoke perfect english, had a very clean office. His colleague - the ear/throat specialist who I'd see was out for an hour, so I was invited to sit down, drink tea, eat food, and chat while I waited. Patients were sitting out in the hall waiting, but this guy was so happy to speak English (to someone British, no less) that he spent 1 hr with me while we waited for his colleague.

Eventually, I did nip out to the internet cafe - because I felt too guilty about the patients sitting in the hallway. The doc assured me that they didn't need immediate attention, but I just didn't feel right.

Today is a big festival - big may be a relative term. Everyone seems to be flying kites from rooftops. Alas, it means that pretty much everything is shut...

I've booked myself a ticket on a VIP night-bus tonight to the next state up; Rajastan. My first destination will be the hill-town of Mount Abu.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to read. I just came back from Bhuj 2 days ago and took a trip to Diu, small world. My parents are from Madhapur a about 4KM from Bhuj.