Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How not to act

Witnessed earlier today at a ghat.....

An Israeli armed with a mega-huge-camera scans the ghat at sunset. A finely dressed gypsy girl and a musician wander over to try and earn a couple rupees.

The musician plays, the girl sways and sings to the music... The photographer happily snaps a bunch of photos, manuvering himself so that he can get the best shots with them in the foreground, and the holy lake and bathers behind them in the distance.

Eventually, he puts his camera away, the musician stops playing, and asks for a donation.

The Israeli rudely tells them to go away.


Now, what is wrong with this scenario?

There is an implicit contract between the Indians and the Israeli here.
They pose for photos, he takes them, and they get paid.

It's the sole reason they're hanging out at the ghats at sunset, dressed in clothes they would never wear when sitting at home.

In general, it's a really bad idea to take someone's photo without asking. In this case, it wasn't too bad - but i've seen people's cameras smashed before on other trips...

By the same token, don't get in a taxi, say your destination, and then get surprised when you're asked to pay 1000 dollars upon arrival. You ask about everything before-hand here. It's just how it works.

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Posted by John N.

Hey Chris. I am planning a one month trip to Thailand this summer after I graduate. I will have to get your advice.

Your pictures look gorgeous.

Have fun,