Monday, September 12, 2005

The Journey to Asia

Checkin at Seattle Airport.

All the exit rows were taken for the first flight to Tokyo, but they were able to at least give me an exit row for the Tokyo->Bangkok flight. Oh, how I would gladly sell my soul for an exit row on this flight. But alas, it is not meant to be.

The flight was oversold by 4 seats, and so I volunteered to give up my seat - in exchange for 400 USD in cash, a night in a Seattle hotel, and 50 bucks in food vouchers. Alas, at the last minute, a few people don't show up, and so they decide to put me back on the plane... close, but no cigar.

The flight was just fine - as usual, i'm glad I ordered the 'indian vegetarian' special meal. The lady sitting next to me looks rather jealous when I get my food before everyone else, and when the smell of a curry starts whafting in her direction. Hah.

I land in Tokyo with 3 hours to spare, and decide to use one of my guest passes to the United Red Carpet Lounge. The Lounges in the states are rather pathetic - free OJ, and a few crackers.

The Japanese one is by far the best i've been to. A fancy-pants beer machine that tips your glass, and pours you a perfect pint, and awesome personal shower rooms - which, after 9 hours on a flight, are just what the doctor ordered.

Thus, 3 hours later, after a few cold Saporo beers, a 30 minute shower, I walk out of the lounge in my newly acquired United Airlines Lounge slippers, and head towards my flight to Bangkok.

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