Sunday, September 18, 2005

Welhengoda Ahangama

The swiss couple I met in Galle told me about a guesthouse 10k south of Galle - that was owned by a friend of a friend.. It's on a beautiful stretch of the south-eastern coast, quite far from a large stretch of package tourist aimed resort hotels.. and surprising, I had to pass a Free Trade Zone (of which i've only read about in books) on the way - barbed wire and everything, which was quite spooky.

In any case. There aren't any other guest-houses nearby. It's about 2k from the nearest town, and there are just a couple people staying, which means when I want to hit the beach, I have it to myself.. This is the first time in my life that i've been able to look up and down a white (and lava black) sanded beach complete with palm trees and huge waves, and had it 100% completely to myself. It's great. I've even started doing Yoga again - and even more surprising, I've been doing it at 6:30AM, before the intense sun comes out. This area is very very windy, which is actually a plus for the most part (reading books aside), as it means there is always a solid breeze to keep you cool during the mid day heat.

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