Monday, September 26, 2005

Options in Sri Lanka

Much of the country is cut off to me.

The east has apparantly seen some bombings recently. I received an SMS message from one of my swiss friends to tell me there has been some gunfire 2km north of him in Aragurn Bay... I value my life more than tubular surfing options, and so I think i'll be keeping away from the East coast.

It's the wrong season to go to Adam's Peak (the highest mountain), and the Edge of the World (a really high cliff) - the views aren't that good right now.

And so, there is not much else to see.

I think i'm going to back track tomorrow, and head back to Kandy. I'll probably stay there a few more days, and after that, there really won't be much left to see - unless I want to fly north to the Tamil controlled area of Jafna.

When I get to Kandy, i'll call up Sri Lankan Airlines and see if I can move my flight forward - and head to India early.

At the least, I need to go to Colombo for a day, and get my Indian visa sorted out. It also seems that Arthur C Clarke lives there, and I hear that it's possible to meet with him for a cup of tea. So i'll see if I can sort that out - it'd be quite fun.

I really need to upload some photos soon. I've seen some great things thus far - I climbed "Little Adam's Peak" yesterday with the Aussies.. and then spent 2 hours last night learning how to make a few awesome dishes with the owner of my guest-house.

More news from Kandy tomorrow night.

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