Sunday, September 11, 2005


Flew in to Seattle to visit Cosmo for 24 hours, or just short of.

He's living on his boat, and so for the first time since the age of 6, I slept on a boat. It was very very cool - pirate jokes aside.

We went out for a late lunch at a vegetarian hari krishna/cult place, and then in the evening, I manged to convince him to go see a Cuban Son/Salsa band ( play not too far from his house. Cosmo's girlfriend is an amazing dancer, with multiple years of heavy salsa dancing behind her (after travelling through south/central america for a few years). At least a few of the suave dark latin men in the club already knew her, but she was happy to dance with me for a couple songs.

My big fear before going to this club, was that the dance classes I took at Stanford this past summer would leave me rather unprepared. I was rather worried that I would only be able to dance with the people who had taken my class, and thus knew the exact moves that I learned.
This proved to be incorrect. In an attempt to get a bit more time with Cosmo, I think, Sarah palmed me off on some poor lass standing in the corner of the room: "She keeps looking at you", "she obviously wants to dance with you", "why don't you go and ask her to dance already"... etc - which proved to be even more fun than dancing with Sarah, because in this rare of rare cases, I was actually a better and more experienced dancer than my partner.

Cosmo was pretty impressive. He's not the best dancer in the world, but his girlfriend obviously enjoys it, so he danced quite a few numbers with her. When she was off dancing with the previously mentioned latin guys, I tried to get Cosmo to dance with me. At first, he didn't seem too happy about it - and to be honest, by the end of the evening, he still wasn't too happy about it.. But I did manage to drag him out for at least a couple songs. It was a pretty funny sight.

The next morning, I wake up early, shower (on the boat, tres cool), grab a huge vegetarian breakfast at a vegan place that Sarah knows, and then they drop me off at the airport - where the real journey begins.

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Anonymous said...


I just read the entire travel log... very compelling. Couldn't stop!

My girlfriend and I want to travel more (only two weeks on our own in Ireland so far), and I love hearing of other people's travels.

Thanks for keeping such a detailed record!