Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kandy Day 1

Wednesday afternoon, I left the beach, and took an all-day train (2pm->8pm) to Kandy.
"Befriended" a british guy as I was leaving the train station, and shared a tuk-tuk (3 wheel taxi) with him to the hotel... and promptly ditched him the next morning.... One of the nice things about travelling is that when you meet someone annoying, there is no obligation to see them ever again.

Woke up early-ish Thursday, and headed to the train station to find out about an onward ticket to Ella. Only 4 1st class tickets are available on each day's train, and so at times, you have to book ahead. I was given the option of either leaving the next day, or waiting a week. Thus, I booked a ticket leaving the next day.

Later, I went to a "royal" garden overlooking the city, only to find it full of sri lankan couples trying to get as close to kissing without actually touching lips. It's still very cute.. although being the only un-coupled person in the park does make you feel a bit strange... and of course made me miss Kat.

I decided to reward myself with a beer, and headed to the british style pub off the main street - a large bar with a barman, a security guard, and one lone englishman sitting down. Pretty soon, we were chatting (he'd taught english in japan for 10 years, and was now doing it here).. and he told me about a free concert starting in about an hour.

Thus, I hurried off to see the WOMAD Sri Lanka Drumming festival... an amazing show with drummers from the UK, The Ivory Coast, and Sri Lanka... Now, this festival would usually be a huge sell-out in the UK, or in Australia... but here, it attracted a pretty sad crowd.. maybe 200-300 people max.

Still. Had a great time listening and dancing to the music.

However, it wouldn't be a music festival without beer. So, before heading to the festival, I stopped by a liquor store (even in Sri Lanka, they have metal bars that stop you from robbing the people behind the counter) and picked up a few. Fast forward a few hours, and I'm drunkenly trying to haggle with a taxi driver.... which is never good. You're a captive audience, and they know they have you.

Eventually make it home.. not quite sure how.

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