Thursday, April 20, 2006

All falling into place

Ok, things are crystalizing somewhat.

The current plan is so:

Stay here in Chiang Mai till the 28th.
Fly to Bangkok.
Checkin to the Marriott Bangkok Resort for one night (freebie, woo woo!) for a bit
of pampering.

The next day, check-into a complete 2 dollar hovel, as I'll just be using the shower there.

I leave on the morning of the 30th, and have to be at the Airport at 4AM (esp. if I want to guarantee exit row seats all the way on my 25+ hour journey - legroom is totally worth arriving an hour extra). Thus, there is no point in sleeping, esp. since i'll have all that wasted time on the airplane.. So the plan is to stay up all night on or around Khao San Road, nip to my cheap hotel for a shower at 3AM, and then go to the airport to checkin.

I arrive in DC on the night of April 30th, spend one night at a spiffy DC Marriott (again, thanks to free points) to visit a friend.

Leave DC the night of May 1, fly 45 mins down to Charlottesville, where I stay for 5 days and take care of lots of things (my taxes are still not done. Eek!)

May 6th, fly to Indianapolis, and go direct to Bloomington for a bit of apartment hunting. I've found a few people from who have kindly agreed to put me up for free.. Awesome eh?

May 11th, fly back to Charlottesville.

May 13th, fly to San Francisco.

May 16th. Begin summer job.

Eeek! So much to do, so little time.

I now have health insurance, thank goodness.... although, I doubt it covers much.
The biggest item on the to-do list is to now find a place to live in SF... i've been sending out a million craigslist emails per day. Hopefully something will come through. Hopefully, it won't be in the middle of a ghetto.

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