Friday, April 28, 2006

In Bangkok

Bangkok traffic is awful.

Backtracking slightly - I arrived somewhat late to Chiang Mai airport, approx 25 minutes before the flight was due to leave. Had it not been for the fact the airplane was late, they surely would have told me to get lost.

Once I arrived in Bangkok...I hit the traffic. My flight arrived at 1PM, the airport bus showed up at 1:30PM, dropped me off at 2:30PM and the taxi for the final leg took another half hour.

However, it was worth the journey.

I got to the Marriott Bangkok Resort and Spa, went to the reception, was met by a lady with moist linen towels and fresh fruit juice, who checked me in.

Her: Sir, we have great news for you
Her:: We have upgraded you to a junior suite, and your wife has checked in early. She is waiting in the room for you.

My wife, eh?

One of my travel buddies from India (and later northern Thailand) had just come back from Laos, where I should have been. I told her about my awesome free night at a five star hotel, and offered to let her have the other double bed in the room - after all, with my foot, I can't really use the swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna - so someone might as well enjoy it.

I was met at the door of the hotel suite by a Jumping-up-and-down excited Israel girl - going crazy over the fact that we have a huge room, a proper bathtub, a balcony (that is at least 20ft long), with a view over the river, and 2 beds covered from top to bottom in soft pillows.

It's the first time she's ever stayed in a hotel that costs more than 5 dollars a night :)

It seems that my trick worked quite well. I emailed Marriott a few days ago, told them that I had been travelling for 8 months, and this would be the first time that I'd seen my wife in all that time, and anything they could do to make the stay a bit nicer and more romantic would be much appreciated. Hence the suite upgrade.

The lady at the reception was rather shocked when I still insisted on 2 beds, even though I was supposed to be having a romantic rendevous with my long-lost-wife.

The even funnier thing, is that I've sent the same request to the Marriott in DC, where I'll be staying in 2 days - with a completely different wife.

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