Monday, April 10, 2006


One of my friends in Baltimore has often said that I have a gift for turning shit into gold.... It may be true.

I went back to the Hospital yesterday, and got something in writing from my doctor
expressly advising me to not go to Laos, esp. not to tiny villages in the middle of nowhere while I have my open wound. He also gave me written instructions to stay in Chiang Mai and to come back to his hospital every day for the next two weeks.

The only problem is - Chiang Mai is THE place to be in Thailand for the water festival (which starts in a few days), and so, all of the cheap-guesthouses are booked up.

The only place to stay, I'm afraid, is in a 25 dollar a night luxury resort (compared to the 2 dollar a night hovels I've been staying in, 25 bucks in 5 star).

Which my insurance will pay for, probably.

They'll also cover my food costs while I'm here, transport to and from the hospital, and will pay to refund the money I paid for my Laos visa.

If I'm stuck here for a week or two (depending on recovery time), this could add up to a fair bit.

God bless travel insurance.

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