Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More India Friends/ Trampish clothing

Bumped into another person that I knew from India yesterday. I suppose everyone is travelling the same circuit, but it still surprises me.

She walked upto me in the Internet cafe, tapped me on the shoulder, and asked "I know you, right? We swam naked together in Gokarna..." - which narrowed her down to a group of about 50 people.....


Pai is a very very conservative town filled with lots of hippy foreigners. The other night, while getting a massage, the girl asked if I did yoga. I suddenly felt quite proud, thinking that my extreme flexibility must be obvious to her after she had contorted me into a few different shapes. But no. "All farang (foreigner) men do yoga, I think".

Which sort of sums up the kind of foriegners who come here.

There are a decent number of muslims here (a few of whom run amazing night-time pancake stands) - and so it's really awful to see foreigner girls walking around in revealing strappy-tops and minute shorts that barely cover their bottoms. I feel quite a bit of sympathy for the Thais who are forced to see this, and considerable disgust for the foreigners who completely ignore the local standards.

At least in India, you have pervy-guys trying to molest western girls (who they think, as per Hollywood, are whores) - and so any girl wearing such clothes will soon find herself felt up to the point where she'll put some longer clothes on.

The thais are far too polite for this - and so the girls will continue to offend them.

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