Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Minor Surgery/Weight Loss

A few weeks ago, I stubbed one of my toes, cutting it open slightly. I neglected to clean it, and trapsed around the streets of Port Blair (which, as all indian streets, were filthy and covered in human/animal waste)... and so it got infected.

After 2 weeks of mostly-every day cleaning it... I decided to give up and consult medical help. The infection wasn't going to go away by itself.

Thus, a visit to the Pai Hospital. The doctor confirmed the infection, recommended a very quick surgery - he cut it open, cleaned it out, and sent me on my way. The hospital was very nice, clean, and they spoke a surprising amount of english. The total bill - 800 baht, or about 20 dollars - not cheap compared to India's free hospitals, but damn cheap compared to the US.

While the nurses admitted me formally, they took my blood pressure and weight - the first time I've been weighed since I left the US... And, after 6 months of eating non stop in India - I'm really really surprised that I actually lost weight - about 30 pounds.

With only a few cases of food poisoning, and with the most delicious vegetarian food on earth - I'm very very surprised that I lost weight... but the evidence is there.

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