Saturday, April 29, 2006

Marriott Rules!

We came back pretty late to the hotel last night, after wandering through the seedier parts of Bangkok in search of pirated t-shirts and such.

Sitting on the bed in the hotel room when we got back, was a card.

"Dear Mr. Soghoian, I understand that you have been feeling unwell during your stay at the Marriott. We hope you get well soon, and please accept this gift from us. Signed, Marriott General Manager"...

and under the card, was a large box of tasty chocolates.

In addition, they let us have a late-checkout, giving us over 24 hours in the hotel. What a deal!


I spent the rest of the day doing a bit of shopping on Khao San Road.. Honestly, I'm sick of buying stuff (and I bought so little). I just can't motivate myself to buy anything really - I have too much stuff back in the US, and there is just nothing I need that badly.

I'll be returning to the US with the same backpack that I arrived with.. no other suitcases...

I've spent most of the night here at a 24/7 internet cafe. In 20 mins, i'll catch a cab to the airport, putting me there at 4AM when checkin opens, and thus, insha'alla, I'll be rewarded with exit-row seats for my entire journey.

Fingers crossed. 20 hours of flying with no legroom will be awful otherwise.

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