Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A bit more activity

Spent about three hours yesterday, searching for a waterfall. A british couple I had met a few days ago told me about a waterfall about an hour away - "dead easy" to find, and how they had a great time finding it.

Thus, my tennant (see previous message) and I headed out to find it... which consisted of 2 hours of climbing over boulders upstream along the path of the river.

This was actually really enjoyable - and gave me a chance to test out my rock climbing skills. Flip flops are clearly not the best footwear for this kind of activity, much less a lungi - and at times, I wished I had prepared slightly better.

However, we ended up reaching the waterfall - at around the same time our water ran out, and the heat of the day was really kicking in....and so we wandered off to a nearby village to find water, and food....

After being in a tourist spot (almost like a resort) for so long, it was nice to have real, cheap Indian food again... mmmm

I'm thinking about moving on.....

I'm not sure that i'm ready to leave Hampi yet - but I think i'm ready to leave this side of the river. There isn't too much to do here, and somehow, just being here inspires an extreme form of laziness - such that even simple tasks become a great chore.

Plus - this place is chock a block with Israelis. I have nothing against them, but the majority of them lack significant english skills - and so in large groups, the conversation tends to stick to Hebrew... hardly inviting for non hebrew speakers.

I'm hoping to head across the river tomorrow, where hopefully, the tide of activity will grab me, and force me to do a few more things here.

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