Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Great Train Robbery

I'm a paranoid person. It's partially who I am, but then massively compounded by the fact that I work and study in the security field... It's my job to think of the things that can go wrong (and then exploit them).

Thus, my money/passports/credit cards are in a money belt around my waist. I have emergency 20 dollar bills hidden amongst my various possessions, in case my money belt is stolen, and I have photocopies of my passport on me (and in pdf format online) in case they go missing.

The places you're most likely to have stuff taken are when you don't have your bits on you (like at the beach, when you're wearing a bathing suit), or when you're asleep in a public place... which is why, after 2 months on the road, the thing I miss the most about "home" is being able to safely fall asleep on a bus.

So, last night, on my 16 hour 2nd class A/C (nearly 1st class, oh so nice) train ride, I had locked everything possible. My huge backpack had locks on every zipper, and my daypack (think a school backpack) has all the expensive stuff (ipod/camera/shortwave radio), and it is padlocked shut, and then using a bike-lock, locked to the bunk where i'm sleeping. No one can walk away with my expensive things without the help of some pretty decent sized tools.

However, the one thing that isn't locked - is my shoes. Thats right, the pair of 1 dollar flip-flops that I bought in Sri Lanka 6 weeks ago. That I have worn every day, through unknown amounts of human waste.. they were sitting under the bunk, on the floor... and so, when I woke up, fresh, rested and ready to go at the Mangalore train station - one of my bloody flip flops was missing.

Luckily, I had planned for this event, at least somewhat, and had an emergency pair of new flip-flops (waiting to be broken in) in my daypack, ready to be grabbed.

However, it is still really strange to have one of your shoes stolen.

And this, is the first time I've ever had anything stolen from me during my travels. I hope it'll be the last time, but I doubt it.

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