Thursday, November 17, 2005

Slowly in Paradise

Life is so slow here.

I'm moving out of my guest-house today.. I'm moving across the river, to a quieter, more isolated part of town - mostly filled with Israelis, or so I hear...

I intended to move yesterday, but alas, couldn't wake up in time for the 10:30 checkout.... Life really is slow here.

Thus far, i've managed to read about 300 pages of my latest book (Map of Love, an excellent read), and other than that - not much else.

I met a french couple - and i've been able to pick up a surprising amount of French in just a few days. Maybe my mom was right when she said it is all in the back of my head...

They shouted at me for breakfast this morning, and out of nowhere, the words "J'arrive" came out of my mouth.. who knew it was in there?

With my birthday approaching - in 2 days - I see no reason to change from this course... I'm being thoroughly lazy, and enjoying every bit of it.

Perhaps in a few days, i'll be motivated enough to actually explore the town, and the surrounding ruins.. but for now, I'm quite content to sit back, enjoy the view, and relax.

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