Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Leaving Varkala

After 5 (or is it 6?) days here, it's time to leave.

It's been nice, certainly. My time has been spent relaxing, playing frisbee on the beach, dodging the jellyfish in the water, reading my books, and being waited on hand-and-foot by the many waiters/restaurant staff.

In the evenings, there have been fireworks, movies (some good, some awful), and late night drunken conversations with other backpackers. I even met a Rhodes scholar last night over dinner.. my first one so far.

However, it's time to leave.. I can only laze at the beach for so long.

Tonight, I take a 16 hour night train to Mangalore, which is at the southern end of the next state up. I'll stay there for a day or two, perhaps, before moving on.

I'll be getting a new cellphone number shortly too. look out for that.

More photos to be uploaded once I find cheap broadband.

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