Monday, November 21, 2005

State of Laziness

I spent my birthday doing the following:

Walked down the road to the german bakery, and bought 2 birthday chocolate croissants (well, actually, date-paste croissants) and a birthday candle. Promptly forgot my candle at the shop.

Wandered back to my room. Played "Guess the country/language" on the shortwave radio band with a few other people - hardly an activity favored by those with lots to do.

Spent the rest of the day playing cards, eating, and dozing...

I'm even sub-letting my hammock out to an American guy (one of the first i've met) for 25 rupees per day. In all honesty, i'm doing it mostly due to the fact that it gives me a great story to tell...

I've decided that i'll set my alarm clock tomorrow, as I can't continue being this lazy.. i'm not getting anything done at all, other than a bit of reading.... Tomorrow, I hope to explore.

I think I'll be here at least another week now... and if I head to Gokarn at the end of this month, it'll put me there soon enough to avoid the xmas rush.

After that - who knows.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just so you know- the fam was talking about you on your birthday. I was in favor of mailing you a cake, but lacking a physical address was stumped. Instead, we opted for the internet, which due to dialup proved to be useless.

Anyway- Happy Birthday from the Ledford Clan...and of course, much love.