Monday, November 07, 2005

More on the Tokyo thing.

The guys on flyertalk are reporting success with the Tokyo Hilton deal. It seems that Hilton is getting paid by Expedia at a pre-arranged rate, and Expedia is honoring the price-mistake. The only caveat is that you cannot change the reservation at all, or the price reverts to the normal much more expensive price.

I called United Reservations, and arranged to use my free permitted stopover. Thus, at the end of my travels around Asia, i'll have 10 days in Tokyo (May 1-10th).

My friend Austin from my undergrad days is currently teaching English in Kyoto - and so the current (but flexible) plan is to arrive in Tokyo, stay a few days, go visit Austin for just under a week, and then head back to Tokyo for a night or two before I depart.

My Executive room includes free breakfast, free wireless, and free evening cocktails - all for the lovely price of $3 per night.

Plus, since i've booked 10 days, it means I can leave my (what will by then be) huge heavy bags in the hotel room, thus avoiding the problem of paying for bag storage - which would no doubt cost an arm and a leg in Tokyo.

What a nice way to end 9 months of travel...

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