Monday, November 14, 2005


10 hour train, slept all the way...

half hour rickshaw, successfully bargained down from 160 to 20. Go me.. Taxi driver asked me if I was Israeli once we arrived in Hampi.

I've got a nice room at the hotel shanti (peace in hindi), my clothes are hung up to dry, and so i'm just about to go and explore town.

I have a feeling i'll be here for a while. It's very pretty here, with huge piles of boulders just sorta sitting around in the distance, temples, palm trees..and a river.

Alas, Internet is very expensive here. They have a monopolistic price fixing thing going on, with the "Hampi Internet Association" setting a fixed price of 60 rupees (1.5 dollars) per hour, and no one being willing to budge. So I won't be online as much here as I have been thus far. Expect daily updates, but brief ones, no essays, alas.

No phone service here either....which the phone company assured me there would be, when they sold me the sim card last week. Grrr.

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