Saturday, November 05, 2005

Medical Problems

It seems that the antibioics I took last month didn't work.

I'm in Madikeri, a town of about 60k people in SW Karnakata. The 5 hour ride here by bumpy slow bus went through some amazing lanscape - rivers, lush green vegetation, vast palm tree covered canopy with mist covering the hill-tops.

However, from here, I'm going to go to a few remote spots, and so I thought I'd go to the hospital in town, and have them check out the mild sore throat i've had for the last week or so...

It turns out that my ear infection never went away, and is bad enough now that mere oral antibiotics won't suffice. Thus, I had my first (of 6) dates today with an IV.

I found out earlier this year that I seem to suffer from mild panic attacks when needles are involved (sometimes to the point of passing out). And thus, as soon as the doctor told me I'd need to walk around for the next 3 days with an IV receptor hanging out of my hand, I started feeling quite dizzy, and broke out into cold sweats. The nurse nearby giggled....

So, I'll be hanging out here a day extra. I was planning on leaving Monday morning. Now, I'll leave Tuesday morning. In the mean time, I'll hang out, read a few books, and try to not think about the fact that I have a needle hanging from my left hand (don't worry, it's sterile and everything. In fact, I have to go to the pharmacy 2x per day and purchase a one time sterile needle for that session).

I'll update you all on my onward travel plans once i'm sure the infection has cleared up.

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Anonymous said...

Badness Chris, Hope it turns out OK.